Total newcomer matter – how does someone connect our Velodyne to my own radio.


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  • Nov 12, 2009
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  • Sorry, i know this needs to be obvious, but i cannot conclude it out – probably after browsing the guide!

    How do you link my favorite Yamaha RX3900 radio to a Velodyne CHT-Q series subwoofer.

    The subwoofer possess stereo (l+r) stimulant (all I have owned before have had mono stimulant) and also the yamaha amplifier does not have a subwoofer output exactly where all of those other speaker system components are generally.

    Thank you, and remember to disregard the ignorance – More than likely the clear answer are going to be noticeable once I am certain.


    • Nov 12, 2009
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  • You intend to hook up the Pre-OUT Subwoofer regarding Yamaha to either the left or right network of the Velodyne

    It’s just over the heart associated with the three orange electronic coaxial inputs regarding the Yamaha

    Edit: apologies this 1’s an insight, the right one that you want is actually partners more to the right whenever effectively discovered it.


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    • Nov 12, 2009
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  • Okay, cheers. It was the left and right that was confusing myself.

    Why does the subwoofer have gone and proper stations?


    • Nov 12, 2009
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  • Should the amplifier does not have a passionate submarine woofer station ie is HiFi not just an AV individual, but has stereo pre-outs, you could send the total run right and left route for the submarine towards submarine to draw out the LFE frequencies from.

    Since you have the LFE as a mono indicate you won’t need to connect with both, although some individuals achieve this task making use of a phono splitter.


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    • Nov 12, 2009
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  • Ah, ok, In my opinion I get it.

    There can be much to determine in this particular concept.

    Thank you for their facilitate.


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    • Nov 13, 2009
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  • One final query, seems to be like We need a wire with a male connector at one extreme (to hook up the Yamaha) and a bare line on the other (to connect to either the kept or great feedback regarding rear of sub).

    I’ve several AV takes with fittings on, do I only reduce one ending switched off and use that? They are not specifically heavier measure wire, just the sort of cable you might get in a Maplins or Dixons. Will that become sufficient?


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    • Nov 26, 2009
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  • I’ve tried to hook up the subwoofer – however is not operating. Exactly what are we performing completely wrong?

    I purchased an RCA wire and cut off one close. Uncertain if I should use the center cable, or perhaps the outer cable for remaining or ideal, but experimented with both.

    The sub simply has a steady hum.

    An additional close are plugged into the rear of the RX3900 inside the sub woofer connector, not just the only higher than the 3 red fittings, but moreover along off to the right in identical line (discover affixed).



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    • Nov 26, 2009
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  • I got myself an RCA wire and cut off one conclusion. Unsure easily should make use of center wire, and/or outside wire for put or appropriate, but tried out both.

    The sub merely possesses a steady hum.

    The other close happens to be connected to the back of our own RX3900 into the sub woofer connector, not the one higher than the 3 orange connectors, but further along right in identical row (see attached).

    You’ve got the wire connected to the best terminal about Yamaha nevertheless you cannot hook up a reasonable stage RCA line to advanced level presenter inputs, does the Velodyne get RCA inputs (low/line level) ?

    Making use of just one RCA – RCA line you only need to connect within the Yamahas submarine pre out (the right one you may be making use of these days) to at least one belonging to the the Velodynes low/line amount RCA stimulant

    Are you able to post a pic with the back of Velodyne or provide precise product amounts ?