These are essential design factors which will make trimming a painful or pleasant experience. Electric weed eaters come with several different features and model. Use the following chart to determine the type of string trimmer to buy. The battery-powered string trimmers are gaining popularity as it’s very convenient to use, weigh less than gas-powered trimmer and are eco-friendly.

These devices operate simply and with zero emissions (yay for the environment!). It’s nice not to have to deal with gassing up your weed eater or dealing with the potential mess. You will have to remember to charge them before you get to work, though, but the start-up is easy with just the push of a button. We suggest ensuring that whatever design you go with includes a comfortable grip handle.

The Best Commercial Weed Eaters On The 2021 Market

The battery-powered string trimmer is sizeably large, hence more powerful, and that comes with an added cost too. But if you’re looking for that extra power, this cordless electric string trimmer should fit the bill. The 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer is a versatile solution for landscape cutting and trimming, but without gasoline or a cord. It’s part of Makita’s expanding 18V Lithium-Ion series, the world’s largest cordless tool line-up powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style battery. Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

There are several different cutting techniques to remember – scything, screeding, edging, and tapering. Naturally, if you have a trimmer that spins counter clockwise, it will discharge materials from the left-hand side and will cut best with its right side. I have read that some people find this trimmer to be too heavy and not good for extended use. There have also been complaints that the guard is too small as well and doesn’t protect from flying debris very well. It also has a front motor mount which helps with balance and fatigue.

Best Weed Eater Brands To Invest In 2020

If you do extensive landscaping work, edging, trimming and mowing, you will want to purchase a more expensive model. The weed whacker will make quick work of most homeowners trimming needs. It is powerful and well built from a company that has been making cordless tools for a long time.

Most of the time when the string broke, the line would be welded/melted together inside the head. This may be more fit for the work of a brush-cutter, but the reality is the operator’s going to just pull the trigger on the string trimmer in their hand and go at it. Using a string trimmer for 10 or 15 minutes may not seem to bother your hearing, however, the reality proves to be much different. We measured the sound pressure at 50-feet, per ANSI specs, and we also tested this at the operator’s ear as well.

Black+decker 40v Max String Trimmer

The Remington engine runs on 5.5 amps, which is plenty for edging and cutting grass. With a 180-degree rotating handle, you will be able to trim to your liking. Also, dual-line, of about 14 inches, allows for a simple auto-release system whenever you want more of the 0.065-inch line to appear. Well, you may not have to look far because this Remington 2-for-1 model may do the trick for you. The edging well is very easy-to-use and is perfect for tiny lawns or areas you are trying to trim down. As soon as you get an extension cord, you will be good to go working on your lawn.

Store it in a dry, well-ventilated area, out of children’s reach. While you are replacing the line, make sure to clean the area circling the trimmer head and the cutting shield. All string trimmers will have to have the trimmer line replaced at some point. Or if you need to get through some really heavy brush, I’d even consider buying a push or walk behind trimmer. They will knock down very thick grass and brush much faster than a handheld model.

The design and layout of the string trimmer are essential as you will be carrying it around with you for an extended period. A poorly designed string trimmer will make you get tired quickly, or it may be awkward for you to handle it. The battery charge time varies depending on the power rating and the battery type. Some batteries get fully charged in a few hours, and some take several hours to get charged. If you decide to use a gas-powered string trimmer, then we recommend getting the model which has a transparent fuel tank. If you prefer to hang it around your shoulder when trimming, then some models have shoulder strap included.

If it feels rough in just a few seconds of testing, it’s going to be miserable when you’re trimming the entire yard. Many of the residential brands offer them and you might be able to pick up 2 or 3 tools at once for a better value. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. That said, you’ll still need to replace the trimmers line, from time to time because that is just the nature of the beast. Even more, they produce zero harmful fumes and require no priming or pulling to start.

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Check out these steps, so you know how to use an electric weed eater the right way. There are quite a few reasons why you need an electric weed eater. With a fixed head, you will install different line lengths into a trimmer. Since this is one at a time, it will take longer than the other options.

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It uses EGO’s 56 volt battery in combination with a brushless motor, with both battery and motor on opposite ends of the trimmer to provide balance while holding and working with it. Another cordless weed trimmer that really impressed us a lot when making our review and selection is the EGO Power+ ST1500. The telescoping shaft and rotating head feature are also very good features which makes the Makita XRU02Z very versatile and easy to use. One thing you’ll really appreciate about the Makita XRU02Z is the relatively short charge time of Makita’s 18 volts batteries. With less than 30 minutes, you can get a full charge on the batteries, so you can quickly get back to trimming instead of waiting for the battery to charge.

The Best Heavy Duty Electric Weed Eaters

It does have a tendency to work through spools quickly, so it’s worth keeping in mind the cost of replacement spools when deciding whether this model is for you. It’s hard to find a negative about the RYOBI RY40204A and we think it’s the best cordless electric weed eater on the market. It’s powerful, without the limitations of being corded, the battery has enough power to keep you trimming for over an hour and it’s quick to recharge too. It’s also quite light, so it’s not going to put extra strain on your back or muscles.

Finally, be aware that it will be essential to sharpen your brushcutter’s blades annually to ensure a good cut for grass and edges. Screeding is used for weeds and grass that are growing in paths, driveways, and sidewalk cracks. Tip your cordless string trimmer so that its string-tips are lightly bouncing off the pavement; next, cut flush into the hard surface of the weed’s base. How string trimmers are poweredString trimmers are powered by either gas, electricity or a battery.

Stihl Strimmers & brush cutters, ideal for clearing long grass, weeds & brush. Buy at World of Power for Excellent Quality, Great Prices & Fast Delivery. It comes with a variable speed trigger which you can use to adjust the speed depending on how fast you want to work or the toughness of the grasses. In 30 minutes or less, you already have a full charge in the batteries, which really reduces downtime. The reality is, you may not even need to run it at the high speed setting because the low setting cuts the weeds very easily.

So, if you’re looking to invest in an advanced machine that will keep your lawn or garden perfectly maintained, give this a shot. Don’t get us wrong, we’re very satisfied with its features and functionalities, but then again, it’s quite expensive for a lawn care tool. So, if you’re on a tight budget, we suggest skipping this and looking for affordable alternatives instead. As such, it’s powerful enough to tackle tall grass, weed, and other dense overgrowths that have taken over your green space. Furthermore, it includes an offset trimmer head that provides more accuracy while navigating through narrow spaces.

Husqvarna’s Pro Line Of String Trimmers

With two speed levels, you can easily switch between trimming, edging, blowing, hedge trimming, and more. The many available attachments coupled with Hart’s mower line give you lots of options to use the same 40V battery. The primary battery for this system is an 8.0Ah High-Output pack and you can move up to the High-Output 12.0Ah battery for more runtime. Milwaukee is another brand that goes incredibly deep with the number of compatible power tools, lighting, and other products you can run with the same batteries. The two-speed head lets you prioritize power or runtime depending on the task. The Couple Shaft system features a deep line of available accessories and caters to Pros by supporting both the battery and 4-stroke gas power heads.

The Best Gas String Trimmer Models for Landscaping –

The Best Gas String Trimmer Models for Landscaping.

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Another thing to consider is how long the batteries take to charge. On the other hand, you always have the option of buying a 40v device and some spare batteries, if both are important. If your needs are going best weed eater to require longer cutting times, you may have to look at the higher priced models above. Off one charge, most users report that you will get around half an hours’ worth of use, which isn’t brilliant.

To convert the trimmer into a mini-mower, you remove the wheels and reinstall them at the back of the debris guard, so they stick down below the plane of the trimmer string. Now you have a string trimmer on wheels, so it’s a little easier to maintain a consistent height above ground level. When we tested the mower function, we found it easy to roll the trimmer back and forth but harder to keep it parallel to the ground for a truly consistent cut. The Worx is no match for the precision and evenness of a regular mower, but after we got used to it, the results weren’t too shabby.

The best Greenworks weed eater – Chicago Tribune

The best Greenworks weed eater.

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However, the product does come with a harness that should be used to evenly distribute the machine’s weight. The New Weed Eater FX26SCE is very lightweight and is powerful enough for residential use. While commercial users will want something a little more accommodating, this model is packed with enough power to do moderate trimming in any yard. The cutting path and a powerful engine are a great benefit to users. Overall, the Green Machine GM23000 is an excellent gas-powered trimmer.

Be sure to choose a length that will help you get around obstacles. The patented gear drive design will provide more torque and maintain cut speed under load, while the dual .080″ line with bump feed clears a full 13 Inch. Well balanced and only 8.5 lbs., the string trimmer easy to maneuver and puts less stress on the user. With her, there is no need to entrust the task to a professional. A mother can easily indulge in the pleasure of gardening with this easy-to-use tool. A weed wacker is one of the most helpful pieces of home power equipment.

In general, tall users may favor straight-shaft models because they have a longer reach. Shorter users may prefer curved-shaft models because they can be a bit easier to control. The Max lithium battery power means more battery capacity, longer runtimes, no self-discharge, no slow loss of power, less weight, more power and quicker charging times. Charge the battery within 3 hours and it’ll be ready when you need it with no-self discharge. From function to features, the 20V WORX GT 3.0 features 100% single-line feed which means no bumping to extend the line.

However, if you use shafts that are straight, they are usually better if you are looking for the best safety around. Lastly, a good weed eater should have a starter switch that can’t be turned on and off with ease. Since they are the lightest of the options, the corded electricity will not hold you down because there is no fuel tank or heavy battery.

Filament feeds can also be easily controlled with the touch of a button. The curved shafts can feel better-balanced and easier to use but may have less torque, while the straight ones will have a longer reach and can more easily do double duty as edgers. A straight shaft also puts less strain on the interior mechanisms of the weed whacker, and is more likely to be able to handle different attachments. Walk-behind, or wheeled, weed eaters are a mixture of string trimmers and lawnmowers, and that’s probably because they’re a little bit of both. Wheeled weed eaters are diverse pieces of outdoor power equipment that are easily capable of dealing with unyielding weeds and tall, thick grass. The Husqvarna works best for small to medium-sized lawns and gardens and is versatile enough to handle all of your trimming needs on larger properties as well.

A corded model may be inconvenient for some, but a battery-powered model with this much power would be more expensive. Make sure to get a weed eater that matches your skill level and experience. After all, you don’t want to buy something too advanced only to underuse it. Also, with some models, there’s a learning curve, so you might want to take that into account. On that note, we would like to sign off with a quick recap of our findings. Besides, it delivers a higher cutting strength and more torque compared to a 2-cycle model and runs at a lower RPM.

  • This trimmer cut through 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed as if it were grass, while the others pathetically slapped their strings against the thick stalks.
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries mean more frequent charges, less battery life and worse still, a drop in performance as the battery runs low.
  • One of the biggest problems with edger models these days is the fact they get bogged down due to heavy grass, weeds, etc.
  • In fact, it is also the most common type found on weed eater today.
  • No matter how clean and uniform you can make your yard appear, there’s nothing clear cut about getting it that way.
  • But as it turns out, the Remington RM2510 has a very balanced shaft that is curved at the end to make it even more ergonomic.
  • The 40-volt battery drives the 13-inch trimming head for up to 1 hour before needing to be replaced.
  • For this kind of work, we recommend the Echo SRM-225 String Trimmer.
  • If you decide to use a gas-powered string trimmer, then we recommend getting the model which has a transparent fuel tank.
  • When trimming, hold the head at a slight angle – it’s the end of the trimmer line that does the cutting – and proceed slowly.

Straight-shaft string trimmers boast greater reach for tall users and for those who need to trim far beneath shrubbery or unique landscape features. Straight-shaft models generally tend to be the heavier of the two types. This guide offers tips on choosing the best string trimmer, also referred to as weed eaters or weed whackers, for your landscaping needs. Keep reading to find recommendations for some of the best high-quality options on the market that deliver performance, reliability, and ease of use. With corded models, you have an almost unlimited run time, as long as the tool doesn’t overheat.

However, a cordless trimmer gives you limitless mobility, so it’s likely the best option if you have a large yard or need to trim in a remote location. At just $30, the Sun Joe TRJ13STE is a bargain electric weed eater. It does have less power than the other models on this list, so it’s not best-suited for tough weeds and overgrowth, but it is light and easy-to-use so perfect for lawn trimming.