It’s Christmastime, people! We’re sure most people are busy performing last-minute requirements for this season. In case you require totally completely free design materials you’ll be able to use for your holiday projects, we provide you with these beautiful stars background textures including stars, sparkles, bokehs and other associated layouts it is possible to use for free. Almost everything is in a high-resolution format in order that they are in fact useful for anything, including those projects you wish to publish later. For example, you can make use of these celebrities background textures to make lovely desktop wallpapers featuring your favorite Christmas or Holiday quotes. Simply add a text layer in Photoshop and you already have your very own unique Christmas-themed desktop wallpaper. You also use these images as background for e-cards, celebration invitations and posters, gift tags, and many more. If you wish to amass more starry pictures, then see our roundup of free sparkling background Photoshop brushes. Love these freebies. We hope you find them useful in your own projects. Happy holidays! DOWNLOAD THESE FREE STARS BACKGROUND PACKS The first couple of entries are sets of stars background textures. To acquire the picture you would like, just click the title of this entry and it’ll take you to the source page where you can download the original image in high-resolution format. Star 25+ high resolution sky texture designs – Background Textures: Pack 01 There are just four celebrities textures of varying dimensions. These were scanned and placed together from pictures in a book . DOWNLOAD Star Textures: Bundle 02 Here is your second pack of celebrities background textures made from scanned images in a astronomy book. Star Textures: Bundle 03 Here is the third bunch of celebrities background textures by exactly the same author. Head to the writer’s page to also get into the fourth and fifth feel packs. Star Background Textures 1 You will find four high-quality desktop textures featuring stars which are helpful for creating holiday and nighttime sky backgrounds. Bokeh Pack 6: Colorful Stars This set includes 30 stars desktop textures at a resolution of 2592 by 3888 pixels. Monochrome hearts, stars, and flowers This pack comprises 39 photos comprising hearts, stars, and blossoms in black. Each image has a resolution of 2592 from 3888 pixels. Sparkle Textures This set includes 12 large stars background textures in a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Colored Stars Texture Pack This collection includes 7 high-resolution coloured stars desktop textures free for private or business use. Starry Textures A collection of best and slightly retouched starry textures. Contains 20 images, 800 x 550 pixels. Rust and Stardust Textures Here is another set of 10 stars desktop textures. These are sharp, grungy and General brighter