Lighting, locations, polarizing filters, rigs. Theres a lot more to it than post processing. Aside from cloning out rigs and layering numerous lights or polarizer angles, I have just started using some movement blur applications (virtual rig studio). There are plenty of methods to learnCompared into portraiture I utilize more contrast, greater sharpening and clarity and fiddle with all the colours more. I also occasionally use the ND gradient tool, to darken skys, also often change the color, saturation and lightness of the blue skys to add play. Reflections are what to remember, particularly black automobiles. The polarizing filter is your friend. Start with this and a tripod. You can take several photos and rotate the filter, and then layer the different pictures to eliminate unwanted reflections. (circular polarizer for a DSLR). Start collecting interesting skies pictures and lens moves to use when you composite photographs. Write down on your favorite shooting locations, alleyways, parking garages, metropolitan areas, and arenas. Take photographs in racetracks, mountainous Free Car Presets For Lightroom places. A good library is helpful but sometimes youll find people giving away useful stuff on flickr. This is a composite for example: flickr. Com/photos/philball/ / 6048027468/If you want any lens flares to utilize I posted a couple of corner moves on my own blog. philbphoto. blogspot. com/lens-flare-samples-free-giveaway. HtmlI consider myself to be a part timer/hobbyist once it comes to automobiles and following a few years Im still studying about the steep area of the curve. I browse a lot of blogs, scott dukes, blair bunting, carl lyttle, simon pow, Tim wallace, neighborhood car blogs also (to discover excellent places ), flickr groups and go hang out at some occasions. Im getting media passes to nearby occasions today and that makes life easier. Sorry for the mind dump. I do have a youtube station which I set some post processing techniques on also, although I have an extremely dull dry voice so that it may let you sleep. Heres my favourite stuff so much: com/automotive/