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As a former tenant organizer, Congressmember Adriano Espaillat brings the heart, knowledge, and fight for housing rights to the halls of Congress. Congressmember Espaillat firmly believes that healthcare is a right.

California’s 13th congressional district is made up of the northwestern portion of Alameda County in the Bay Area, which includes Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Piedmont, and San Leandro. Emeryville is a center for the bio-tech, film, and health food industries, while Berkeley is home to the famous University of California at Berkeley. Touching many gentrified neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, New York’s 7th congressional district is a majority-minority district.

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“I think it’s a simple story that’s relative to us … the state is pretty solidly within a range to lose one congressional seat,” Briem said, despite the growth over the past decade. House of Representative seats reserved for Pennsylvania could continue to dwindle following a 100-year population trend in the state, according to recent predictions for districts across the country. Former Assemblywoman Young Kim led Rep. Gil Cisneros, D-Yorba Linda, by 2,497 votes, 50.4%-49.6%, in the race to represent the 39th Congressional District that includes portions of Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties. LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Two Republican challengers have widened the still-narrow leads over Orange County Democratic House members.

Census Bureau, the district has large populations of Latinos, Asian-Americans and Armenian-Americans. Specific information about the district can be obtained from the U.S. Supported by Los Angeles City College, Glendale Community College, Woodbury University, and the Arts Center College of Design, the 28thCongressional district offers many opportunities for quality higher education for constituents. To see if you live in Rep. Barragán’s district, please click here.

Every ten years, Congressional Districts in each state are redrawn to reflect the changing demographics documented in the most recent census, as required by the U.S. ProximityOne develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at/proximityone.Contact ProximityOne ( ) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest. Learn more about accessing and using demographic-economic data and related analytical tools. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

Espaillat, Schneider Introduce Legislation To Close The Ghost Guns Loophole

Kyle Cassal, chief demographer for Esri who created the map, said data was based on census predictions and the method of equal proportions, which is currently used to calculate congressional seats. Following the method, Cassal calculated that Pennsylvania would rank 13th among the states, meaning the number of congressional seats for 12 other states would be determined before Pennsylvania’s. In most states, the legislature passes redistricting plans as regular legislation. Plans often must be approved with a majority vote in each chamber and are subject to veto by the governor, but a few states exclude the governor from the process. State legislative plans in Florida, Maryland, and Mississippi are not subject to gubernatorial veto.

“I think the fact that he’s on the ballot as ‘Rubén Díaz,’ he’s trying to confuse people,” said Assemblyman Michael Blake, another candidate in the race. “He absolutely is competitive, you can’t ignore that, but like any campaign you have to tell your own story.” Díaz Sr. is known for wearing a cowboy hat and courting controversy. He resisted calls to resign last year after saying the New York City Council was “controlled by the homosexual community,” although the committee he led was dissolved.

Between 2011 and 2015, states enacted 288 abortion restrictions. Today, 57% of women aged live in a state hostile or extremely hostile to abortion rights. Our highly urban communities look toward these mountains because they are in desperate need of outdoor opportunities. The Los Angeles area is one of the most park poor regions of the county. Too many of these communities lack the resources for residents to walk, jog, bike or picnic in their own neighborhoods. WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion economic recovery package to support families, workers, businesses, and health care providers through the Coronavirus crisis.

New York’s 13th congressional district is the smallest in the country, made up of Upper Manhattan and parts of the Bronx. Among the major attractions in this part of New York City are the neighborhoods of Harlem and Washington Heights, which include the famous Apollo Theater and General Grant National Memorial. The 3rd congressional district of Pennsylvania includes several parts of Philadelphia. A new 2018 congressional map undid previous gerrymandering that had produced a 13-5-seat Republican advantage since 2012, according to The Cook Political Report. Census Bureau, it is a minority-majority district, with 49% of the population being Black, 19.8% Hispanic, 15% Asian, and 17% white.

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It was moved to the Houston area in 1972 and ever since has voted Democrat in all subsequent presidential elections. The 18th Congressional District contains or is near many of Houston’s major attractions, from NASA Mission Control to the Houston Zoo. Encompassing the entire city of Minneapolis and the rest of Hennepin County, Minnesota’s 5th congressional district was founded in 1883. Today the district is represented by Ilhan Omar, who is the first Somali American to serve in the House of Representatives. She is also the first Black woman to represent Minnesota in the House, according to MPR News. Read on to discover the 50 bluest congressional districts in America.

  • On November 2, 2004, Joe Barton won re-election to the United States House.
  • The ruling was a victory for state Democrats who lost a battle when the U.S.
  • Most of the data are specific to elijah cummings each congressional district, but occasionally I have included state-wide data where district-level information was unavailable.

My top priority is to provide the best services possible to meet the needs of the people living in the First District. The 13th District of Texas sits in its panhandle, with population centers in Amarillo and Wichita Falls. Largely made up of wheat, corn, and sorghum farms and cattle ranches, it is the second-largest district in the state.

Barragán Bill To Support Minority Health Disparities Passes The House

He was elected by his peers in the 116th Congress to chair the Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change. He was also selected to continue his service on the Science, Space and Technology Committee, as well as on the Natural Resources Committee. Our office offers a number of services of assistance to residents. Find more information on available services or how to place a request for assistance below.