She didn’t delete her tweets.

Helene Fischer floats through the air with Thomas Seitel while recording the “Helene Fischer Show”. (Source: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa)

“How great is it that you can also take the stage together. Of course it is in a completely different segment. But I can imagine that wonderfully,” she emphasized in an interview with Frank Elstner. But one thing annoys Helene Fischer – “that so much is being written in the media at the moment and you don’t really know him. Who is Thomas Seitel? There is so much speculation and unfortunately so much that is bad and nonsense.” 

“He’s caring, he’s loving”

Perfectly matching Helene Fischer’s statement, Elstner then offered her the chance to say three sentences about her partner, “They’re right and then we will all know who’s lying in the future”. The pop singer didn’t have to be told twice and raved: “He is caring, he is loving, he is simple – yes, the new man by my side, who will also make my life very easy and I think, wonderful is to me and who exactly fits. With him I can imagine everything. “

Photo show: With Helene Fischer through the years After red light comparison: ZDF to criticize Helene Fischer’s latex look “Angry and sad at the same time”: Maite Kelly takes Helene Fischer under protection

“This is what a woman in love really looks like,” said Elstner after this statement. And so is Helene Fischer, who now looked down a little ashamed: “Yes, you see. That is also the case with me right now. I am very happy, yes!”

Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer were a couple for ten years. A year ago, the two surprised with their separation. Now the singer speaks again very emotionally about the relationship at that time. 

Fischer and Silbereisen: After ten years everything is over

Photo series with 23 pictures

Helene Fischer recently surprised her ex on his TV show. Florian Silbereisen was moved to tears, the two hugged. Even then you could see that the relationship between the two must still be very friendly. This has now been confirmed by Silbereisen in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”. 

“We even shared the toothbrush”

“We have had a great time for over ten years,” he said in the conversation. “We shared everything, the bed, the job, sometimes even the toothbrush.” The now 38-year-old and his girlfriend at the time grew up together, he said. “It connects so much that you don’t want to give up this connection just because love leaves.”

Almost exactly a year ago, Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer announced their separation on their respective social media platforms. Shortly afterwards, Helene Fischer showed up with a new man by her side. The relationship between the ex-partners should still be good.

“I always wanted to start a family”

Silbereisen used the past year for himself, he was doing “great”. He worked a lot, traveled a lot and “met nice people”. During his summer break he sometimes didn’t do anything: “In retrospect, I know that I just needed this rest and this time for myself.”

New pictures of her TV show: Helene Fischer arm in arm with Backstreet Boy “Inspired the red light district?” : Presenter criticizes her latex look A year after love outing: Helene Fischer replaces friend on TV show

In the meantime he is even ready for a new relationship: “I always wanted to start a family,” and he still has it now. The pop star assumes that everything in life has a meaning. He is now being guided and “if God wants it, it will be so at some point”. In any case, he has no plans to go to the monastery. 

Sources used: Bunte No. 52: Florian Silbereisen on ex Helene Fischer: “We shared everything, sometimes even the toothbrush”

The concert film “Helene Fischer – Can you feel that?” on ZDF. Meanwhile, a presenter drew comparisons to the “red light district in Amsterdam”.how to write community service essay Now there are statements on this. 

The most beautiful stage outfits of the hit queen

Photo series with 15 pictures

Helene Fischer has been quiet for a few months. Thanks to the primetime film, which showed a concert in Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion in July 2018, fans finally got to see something from the singer again. Maja Weber, who is in front of the camera for the newscast “heute Xpress”, didn’t go down well with a tight, red-black latex look of the Schlagerqueen, in which she performed her hit “rollercoaster”. The moderator expressed criticism. Now she explains this again in detail and ZDF, Weber’s employer and a broadcaster closely associated with Fischer, also makes a statement. 

That happened

First a little review: “Does a ‘superstar’ like Helene Fischer, who really doesn’t have to worry about fan loyalty, find any other imagery for the many women on stage than that of the latex-leather-mesh fashion of the Reeperbahn? Or inspired the red light district in Amsterdam? “asked the presenter on Twitter. Her look represents the “purchasability of women”. “It suggests to young women that it is ‘wow’. Prostitution is not ‘wow’. And neither is their insignia,” the journalist continued. She didn’t delete her tweets. 

Talking about the public image of women in power is feminism

In many other twitter messages, she comments on her statements. She makes it clear that she grants Helene Fischer her hard-earned success, not jealous of her, but also not a fan of her. Also: “I think many of your outfits are good. The latex ones aren’t.” She describes Helene Fischer as a German-speaking “superstar” and says that she has the “power” to “break with the tiresome sex sells standard and set new standards with other materials”. 

She also addresses people “with a preference for latex”. Please do not feel offended by her statement. “Everyone should wear what he / she wants. But I’ll stick to the fact that latex fashion is more likely only to be bought in sex shops. And that’s available on the Reeperbahn.” Finally, she writes: “I consider it to be feminism to speak about the public image of women in power and to criticize it. And I like to position myself again on prostitution: I only recognize their legitimacy when many women AND Men prostituting. “

“Inspired red light district?”: Moderator criticizes Helene Fischer’s latex lookQuotation flop for Schlagerqueen: Fischer loses against Pilawa and JauchHelene Fischer: She sends her fans a sign of life

 While Weber sticks to her opinion, the ZDF distances itself to “Bild” from the statements of the news anchor: “ZDF does not share the opinion of Ms. Weber in any way. We are proud that Helene Fischer is present with her appearances and concerts on ZDF and is successful. “

Sources used: dpa news agency Image: presenter criticizes latex outfit: ZDF stands behind Helene Fischer (subject to a fee) Maja Weber’s Twitter profile, show more sources less sources

Berlin (dpa) – By far the most television viewers decided on Saturday evening for either the hit party on ARD or the ZDF crime thriller.

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“Didn’t want to like him”: Obama spent quarantine with his daughter’s boyfriend After the “environmental pig” excitement: Jan Böhmermann lets children’s choir sing about Corona grandma Despite separation at Christmas: This is how the royal family gives Because of Corona: Opening of the Academy Museum postponed again. Every year “The Little Lord” wins

5.63 million saw the full-length show “Congratulations from Silbereisen: The big hit anniversary!” in the first, which corresponds to a market share of 19.9 percent. The second ran the thriller “Helen Dorn: Kleine Freiheit” with Anna Loos, who drew 6.14 million in front of the screens and thus reached a rate of 19.8 percent.

For 3.02 million people, the RTL casting show “Das Supertalent” was the highlight at prime time. The Cologne private broadcaster had a market share of 10.1 percent. ProSieben also relied on show. Here 1.61 million saw “Schlag den Star” (6.5 percent).

The US animated comedy “Ferdinand – Goes STIERisch!” had an average of 1.36 million viewers (4.5 percent) on Sat.1. 620,000 viewers watched the US series “Hawaii Five-0” (2.0 percent) on Kabel Eins. Around 1.41 million (4.6 percent) opted for Vox and the action thriller “Transporter – The Mission”.

The “Helene Fischer Show” will be broadcast on December 25th. The pop singer has been celebrating her own Christmas tradition for eight years. There are now first pictures of the production of the latest edition.

Helene Fischer through the years

Photo series with 11 pictures

Hit legends like Roland Kaiser or Howard Carpendale are guests on the “Helene Fischer Show”. But also pop musicians give their best alongside Helene Fischer. What viewers can see on Christmas Day was recorded a few days ago. That is why there are already few insights into the big party around the hit queen. 

“I love you” 

Fans owe one of them to the backstreet boy Nick Carter. He put a picture of himself and Helene Fischer online on his Instagram profile. The two musicians stand arm in arm and smile at the camera. “What a great time in Germany,” the American writes about the photo. “Thanks to Helene Fischer and her team for the invitation.” And then he adds in German: “I love you.” 

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

The singer Oonagh also gave initial feedback from her performance at Helene Fischer. She posted a boomerang video and wrote: “I’m still very happy from last night.”

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

Bülent Ceylan shows a picture from the mask 

In addition to music stars such as Andreas Gabalier, Engelbert Humperdinck or Mark Forster, comedians also appear in the entertainment show. Martina Hill will be there, but also Bülent Ceylan. The comedian shared a glimpse of the mask with his fans before stepping onto the big stage to see Helene Fischer. 

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

A special highlight for the audience will be a production by Thomas Gottschalk, Heinz Hoenig and Mark Keller. The three will interpret the musical “My Fair Lady” together with Helene Fischer. However, there were no pictures of this in advance. 

Helene Fischer has been the host of this show since 2011. In 2015 she was even awarded the Bavarian TV Prize. 

In her TV show: Helene Fischer celebrates Christmas with these guests. One year after love outing: Helene Fischer replaces friend on TV show “Inspired the Red Light District?” : Presenter criticizes her latex look

The “Helene Fischer Show” runs on December 25, 2019 from 8.15 p.m. on ZDF. The 35-year-old will slip into a number of outfits and perform with various duo partners.

Sources used: Nick Carter’s Instagram profile, Oonagh’s Instagram profile, Bülent Ceylan’s Instagram profile, own research, more sources, show less sources

Berlin (dpa) – Another episode of the crime series “Wilsberg” brought the ZDF the victory in the ratings.

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“Didn’t want to like him”: Obama spent quarantine with his daughter’s boyfriend After the “environmental pig” excitement: Jan Böhmermann lets children’s choir sing about Corona grandma Despite separation at Christmas: This is how the royal family gives Because of Corona: Opening of the Academy Museum postponed again. Every year “The Little Lord” wins

7.55 million wanted to see on Saturday evening at prime time how Georg Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) and Ekki Talkötter (Oliver Korittke) solve the “Everything lies” case. ZDF achieved a market share of 22.4 percent.

At 8:15 pm, 6.68 million viewers tuned in on ARD to see “The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights”, hosted by Florian Silbereisen (22.0 percent) the evening before the first Advent.


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The RTL casting show “Das Supertalent” interested 3.03 million (9.3 percent). “The duel around the world – Team Joko against Team Klaas” on ProSieben switched 1.60 million (6.2 percent) on